Headed to the timeless Vrindavan in two weeks, as i wil be doing a tour for some guests from New Zealand. I am excited to be there after a long while. It reeks magic, craziness, a simple love for Lord Krishna and his divine consort Radharani. The Russian ladies who dress up like gopis, the Latinos, the Bengalis from Mayapur, the Bombay Iskon visitors. The mahasamadhi of Neem Karoli baba–yes, this is where the great Hanuman avatara left the body. its all quite something. Someone from here said, that ” if you cannot leave the world, meditate on Vrindavan”. The leelas of the cowherd boy Krishna will lure one unto the Divine Romance.
Lastly, these pictures say nothing of the “love-mad” vibration of the Brijwasis. The lovers of Krishna. This is the quiet side:))


Written by Avahan

Founder & Chief Servant "The Resplendent Soul" ( Heart Journeys within India) We do super cool, fun, and blissing out travel. Indian village life in the Himalayas, lots of nature-Hikes, Ashrams, Yoga, meditation, Social Impact-the Works. Also a devotee of Amma & Haidakhan Babaji, an Actor and a Writer.Awaiting you here in "Mother India".

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