Picture of Sri Babaji aka Haidakhan Babaji before his form became big physically. Oh, that Shiva being, that light beaming across countless universes! Today is a Babaji afternoon. Still, detached, free. Got bit by a dog two nights ago at 11 pm. Also, very happy to have some Russian neighbors. Large family of many, speaking the delightful Russian sound. Great morning at ” Little world” cafe in Palolem South Goa. Spotted some Iranians today. A British couple across my room are often fighting and then making up. Heard a “shampoo” fight. There was lots of shouting back and forth. The only constant word in every sentence was shampoo. There is something going on now as I write this too. Jai Shri Haidakhandi! Om Namah shivaya.babaji young


Written by Avahan

Founder & Chief Servant "The Resplendent Soul" ( Heart Journeys within India) We do super cool, fun, and blissing out travel. Indian village life in the Himalayas, lots of nature-Hikes, Ashrams, Yoga, meditation, Social Impact-the Works. Also a devotee of Amma & Haidakhan Babaji, an Actor and a Writer.Awaiting you here in "Mother India".


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