In the warmth of red. There was a joyful sombreness, a bittersweet parting of the sisters and brothers when Nisha, was married off. Nisha is not in this picture. Left most is Sangeeta, her youngest sister, then Stepen her mother’s sisters son from Germany(one helluva cool-cat!), Ana, my very adopted sister, and theirs and Nishas close friend Pooja, their neighbour. With great celebration, we made -merry her wedding day and Sangeet. But the day of parting was so painfully sweet, especially for these wonderful comrades in the crime of togetherness. One of the most beautiful weddings in the realm of forevers. Nisha, you are dearly missed at Trimurti Garden Cafe. Hari Omstepen


Written by Avahan

Founder & Chief Servant "The Resplendent Soul" ( Heart Journeys within India) We do super cool, fun, and blissing out travel. Indian village life in the Himalayas, lots of nature-Hikes, Ashrams, Yoga, meditation, Social Impact-the Works. Also a devotee of Amma & Haidakhan Babaji, an Actor and a Writer.Awaiting you here in "Mother India".

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